Mother hosts suicide awareness run in memory of son

Mother hosts suicide awareness run in memory of son
Jennifer Wise
Jennifer Wise
Dale Pate
Dale Pate

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - A handful of people came out to the first ever Wyatt Roberts Memorial Suicide Awareness Run on Friday. The event came just days before the one year anniversary of Roberts' death.

Roberts' mother and best friend held the race to help raise awareness about a topic that's not always easy to talk about.

Jennifer Wise lost her 19-year-old son Wyatt Roberts almost a year ago.

"Not a day that goes by where I don't miss that little cock eyed smile or the little Squinty smile because he was up to something," said Jennifer Wise.

Last year, Roberts committed suicide. Wise says it's still something that's very hard on her, because he was her best friend.

"We would sit up all night watch movies as everyone else went to bed," said Wise. "Take trips just me and him so that we had our time."

Wise wanted to do something to honor her son and raise awareness about suicide, so she asked for the assistance of his best friend Dale Pate.

"Finally I texted her I said we should do a race," said Dale Pate.

A couple of people showed up to show their support. Pate, who's still suffering from a knee injury, even won first place in the race.

"I mean I wasn't coming out here to win or nothing. I was coming out here I was going to finish it no matter what for him. I done told some of my friends, I said if they put me on crutches or a wheel chair I'll just roll the wheel chair across the finish line," said Pate.

No matter what, the day was about preventing suicide and shedding light on the topic for both Wise and Pate.

"We need to bring it to light, a lot of people think if we don't talk about it will go away and it wont," said Wise.

The run raised around $1,000. Wise says the money will go towards a scholarship for a Worth County High School student.

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