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Survivors of murder victim still want justice

John Barbre John Barbre
Megan Parker and Nicole Barbre Megan Parker and Nicole Barbre
D. A. Greg Edwards D. A. Greg Edwards

The daughters of a man murdered in Albany eight years ago say they continue to have faith that his killer will be caught.

52-year-old John Barbre was killed eight years ago tonight. near the Tallulah Massey Library in East Albany.

On the morning of January 15th,  2008,  two students walking to school found John Barbre beaten and barely conscious in front of the Tallullah Massey Branch Library. He died two days later.

Eight years later, his family hopes someone will speak up. "Somebody knows something.  Somebody drove by.  Somebody saw something," said Nicole Barbre.

District Attorney Greg Edwards placed the case on the dead docket a few years ago,  saying prosecutors didn't have enough evidence to win a conviction,  but he tells me that doesn't mean this case has been dismissed.

After a four-month investigation,   20-year-old Marquis Kentrell Barney and 18-year old Antonio Seay were charged with murdering Barbre, but charges against Seay were dropped.  Barney was indicted for murder and aggravated assault in May of 2008. But after three years, and not enough evidence for the prosecution, the case was dead docketed.

"The prosecutors who were evaluating the case believed that there was additional information that needed to be found and brought into the overall evaluation of this case.  So at this time, the state moved the matter to what is called the dead docket," said Greg Edwards.

The case is on hold, but Nicole and her sister Megan Parker say it's always on their minds. "We just want to feel peace.  I mean, we'll never feel whole again.  There's always forever going to be something missing," said Megan Parker.  "It's just an empty feeling."

Both sisters hoped time would help them cope, but without any answers, they cannot heal. "We'll never give up hope.  I'll never give up hope until the last day I draw my breath."

With no new leads or developments in the case,  the DA wants to assure the family that he's confident justice will be served. "Our mission is to find the truth," said Edwards. "Sometimes the wheels of justice take time. But in this instance, the wheels are still turning.  And we hope that we will ultimately have an answer to this particular matter."

Edwards says now that so much time has passed, he hopes someone's guilty conscience will weigh heavily enough on them to speak up.

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