Program to help "at risk" kids could come to Albany

Program to help "at risk" kids could come to Albany

A program called Great Promise Partnership could come to South Georgia in the near future.

They're based out of Decatur County and work in more than a dozen areas with at risk kids.

The program allows kids to work and go to high school at the same time.

They also work with mentors and a life skills coach to keep them on track and encourage them to go to college.

“It just gives them the courage to build up, and to succeed. You know if they need any help at home with their family, some earn their paycheck and help with their family. Others just need a boost to continue their education, and further their career,” says Devaki Gordon, with Great Promise Partnership.

School board members tabled the discussion at the school board meeting this week.

Gordon says they'll continue to talk with school officials to see if they can bring the program here.

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