Bank app helps guard your money

Bank app helps guard your money
G. Perry Revell, Senior Vice President
G. Perry Revell, Senior Vice President

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A South Georgia bank launches new technology on their mobile banking app that allows customers to protect their debit cards if they get stolen.

AB&T Bank launched "card control" a few weeks ago. They say it's the first of its kind to be offered in South Georgia.

"So if someone wants to turn it off, they would simply do it that way," said G. Perry Revell, Senior Vice President.

It's called card control. And the new service AB&T bank is offering through their mobile app is getting pretty popular among their clients.

"They can turn the debit card on and off in real time. Provides an added layer of security and peace of mind, knowing that information is protected," Revell said.

With so many people living their lives online and on their cell phones, extra security can come in handy.

And if your card gets stolen, it allows you to take action immediately.

"First thing that people think of when they lose their debit card is there stomach just sinks, and you think of all the bad things that can happen. With card control, what it allows them to do, when that happens is pull that phone our right then and turn that debit card off."
Bank officials say since they launched this, about 500 customers have downloaded the app and utilized card control.

While chip card technology is emerging as a way to protect consumers, many retailers and banks are still in the transition process.

"I think folks have seen that there are some folks that have shifted to it fully, and there is others that are in process. And on the flip side of that I think everyone is starting to get replacement chip cards."

And bank officials say they wouldn't be surprised if other places developed similar technology.

You just have to have an account with the bank to use card control. The app is free to download on your smart phone.

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