Prison officials cleared in Albany Federal Court

Prison officials cleared in Albany Federal Court
The federal courthouse in Albany is not on a closure list.

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A South Georgia federal jury decided Georgia Department of Corrections officers and officials were not at fault in the lawsuit filed by a former inmate at Autry State prison.

In the four day lawsuit filed by the inmate, the jury ruled that the inmate had not been exposed to risk while housed at the prison in 2009.

The jury deliberated about seven hours Wednesday afternoon and this morning before reaching their verdict.

Brian Owens, John Doe,  Marty Allen, Nathaniel Williams, Benjie Nobles, Eric Alls, and Towenda Zachary were all exonerated.

The inmate claimed in his lawsuit that he asked prison officials for protection because of sexual harassment and was denied.

Then the inmate said he was choked and September 7, 2009. The inmate will be returned to the state prison in Reidsville, where he is serving a 60 year sentence for armed robbery, kidnapping, and aggravated sodomy.

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