Burn Fat... To The Max!

Having trouble losing weight?

PT Gym offers resting metabolic rate testing to help you develop an individualized plan for effective weight loss.

Everyone has a unique metabolic rate. Scientific studies show that even people with similar attributes like age, height, weight, and body composition can have very different metabolic rates.

If your metabolic rate is lower than average, you may gain weight even while dieting. Conversely, if your metabolic rate is higher than normal, you may never need to diet to lose weight.

Metabolic testing reveals how many calories your body burns at rest, giving you the data you need to plan a weight loss, gain, or maintenance plan designed to succeed.

What will the Metabolic Rate Test determine?

  • Establish your actual resting metabolic rate
  • Diet plan based on precise measured metabolic rate
  • Exercise plan based on precise measured metabolic rate
  • Compare actual metabolic rate to normal values based on your age, sex, height, and weight

The test is easy; you simply lie back and rest while we measure your oxygen consumption. In about five to ten minutes, you will have a weight management plan designed to succeed!

For more information about our metabolic rate testing or our complete Fitness Evaluation, please call us at 229-436-7117.