Darton hosts reception for interim president

Darton hosts reception for interim president
Dr. Richard Carvajal, Darton Interim President
Dr. Richard Carvajal, Darton Interim President

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - The Cordele Campus of Darton State College hosted a reception for the new college president.

Dr. Richard Carvajal says the consolidation of Darton and ASU will benefit the region's economy, and he plans to play a role in making it a smooth transition.

Dr. Richard Carvajal met with Darton faculty, staff and others in the community as he takes on his new role as Interim President of Darton State College.

"We think this is truly an amazing opportunity to build a world class institution for the entire region, not just for Albany," said Dr. Richard Carvajal, Interim President of Darton State College.

It's a mission that Carvajal says he plans to help execute.

"To take the very best of Darton State College pair it with the very best of Albany State and then literally pair with the best ideas around the world," said Carvajal. "To create something much bigger and better than what they've been already."

Carvajal says his role is to work with Albany State University President Art Dunning on the transition.

"We'll be co-chairs of the consolidation implementation committee joined by over 40 folks from both institutions on that committee to make over 900 individual decisions to be made to get this done," said Carvajal.

He says the merger is an economic benefit.

"The board's eye has been on Southwest Georgia, the Governor's eye has been on Southwest Georgia trying to think what could they do and what could we as a state do to bring more opportunities to the region to attract more business," said Carvajal.

Carvajal believes Darton's Cordele Campus also brings opportunity for the community to grow.
"We think that because of the port here there are opportunities for us to be able to create the jobs that are needed for that port to grow, so we're going to work hand in hand with this community," said Carvajal.

Carvajal was the president of Bainbridge State College for five years and has worked in higher education for over 20 years. Another reception in Albany for Carvajal will be held later this month.

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