Winter season a busy time for firefighters

Winter season a busy time for firefighters
The winter season is a busy time for firefighters.  Just in the last few days firefighters have battled two major fires in Moultrie, two here in Albany, and one in Fitzgerald.
But there are some ways you can make sure one doesn't happen in your home.

Kitchen fires and people trying to keep their homes heated during winter create some hazards.

"You know when it starts getting cold; people use different methods to stay warm," says Assistant Fire Chief Sebon Burns.

Just this past weekend firefighters responded to a kitchen fire on Elkhorn Lane.

Kitchen fires still remain the number one cause of residential fires.

"What people tend to do is leave the kitchen area, and kind of forget they have something on the stove," says Burns.

That's why it's important to make sure you have a fire extinguisher

And working smoke alarms in your home.

"In every bedroom and in the hall," he says.

And when trying to stay warm this winter, make sure you're careful if you use a space heater, a popular item in many South Georgia homes.

Fire officials say you want to make sure to plug it directly into an outlet, and not into an extension cord.

"If you're leaving the room you need to turn your space heater off, and if you're leaving the house you need to actually unplug the space heater," he says.

And if you're using a fireplace.
"Make sure before you retire for the night make sure the fire is completely out," says Burns.
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