Editorial: The future of Albany

Editorial: The future of Albany

We congratulate Mayor Hubbard who begins her second term in office this week.

We remember her standing in front of the old Heritage House Hotel campaigning to clean up blighted properties in Albany.

Well we have seen real improvement in code enforcement and the demolition of these dangerous eye-sores.

This term we suggest three areas to continue work on that are just as important.

Downtown revitalization, we will take two huge progressive steps with the addition of a micro-brewery, and downtown residences.

All need to realize and support the fact that Albany will not really prosper, unless we have a thriving downtown.

Also we need an independent Visitors & Convention Bureau. We made the Economic Development Commission more successful by breaking it out from the Chamber.

The same thing has to be done so that our focus on tourism will have a strong and independent voice.

Finally, commissioners need to let the public vote on the consolidation of Albany and Dougherty County. Six Georgia cities including: Athens, Augusta, Columbus, and Macon all have all seen the wisdom in this change.

Consolidation has become a no-brainer, except in Albany, and we can argue about exactly how many millions it saves taxpayers before the public vote.

Commissioners should vote on this subject immediately, because the citizens have the right to choose how they are governed.

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