County commissioner loses everything in house fire

County commissioner loses everything in house fire
Terry Clark
Terry Clark

COLQUITT CO., GA (WALB) - A county commissioner and his wife will spend the rest of this week in a hotel after a fire destroyed their home and everything they owned.

Members of the Moultrie community are now coming together to help them.

Lieutenant Colonel Paul Nagy is well-known around town.

He's a county commissioner and also the director of the Marine Corps JROTC program at Colquitt County High School.

So when word got out about the house fire Sunday night, it didn't take long for folks to take action.

"I just felt sorry for them," said Colquitt County Commission Chairman Terry Clark.

Clark said it is heartbreaking to see what's left of the Nagy's home on Kendalwood Church Road.

"I got a call a quarter to 11, right after it happened," said Clark. "And I came on over to be with him."

Charred wooden beams, singed debris, and a collapsed roof are all that's left of the couple's home.

"They were just shocked because they weren't able to get anything out. Just the clothes on their back. That's all they had. Paul didn't even get his glasses," said Clark.

Nagy has been a part of the county commission for a year, but he's been teaching at the high school for over 20.

His students started a GoFundMe page, asking for donations for their beloved teacher.

"The trouble with Paul or Sue, his wife, is that they're not used to receiving.  They're used to giving," Clark said.

But with over $5,000 already collected in donations, Clark said the Nagy's will just have to accept it.

"I just told them, 'Well, you know how everybody loves you anyway.  Everyone. So accept it. This is what the community does,'" he said.

Nagy said he is committed to Colquitt county, and plans to rebuild their home on the same lot.

If you would like to donate to the Nagys, you can visit

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