Residents clean up on Creekside Dr.

Residents clean up on Creekside Dr.
After being away from their home on Creekside Drive for ten days Marla Edmonds and her family are glad to be back home and cleaning up.
The water rose about six feet surrounding their home on stilts. 
Armed with bleach, Marla Edmonds has stayed busy cleaning up after the flood.

She's working to clean everything that was hit by flood water, including what's in this shed.

The Edmond's home was rebuilt on stilts after the flood in 94.
She says they know the water along the Kinchafoonee was rising, they just didn't expect it to happen on Christmas Day.
"We had kind of been thinking about it for a few days, but didn't realize it would be on Christmas Day that we would have to be moving," says Lee County resident Marla Edmonds.

The water didn't get inside their home, but nearly six feet of water surrounded their house.

"Pretty high, you know," Edmonds says.

Quiet now along the creek, it's hard to believe the water got that high.

Some signs of the flood are still visible, including a shed that got knocked over next door.

And when the water was at its highest they used their canoes and kayaks to get inside their home.

"In order to get clothes and stuff for the next few days," she says.

They even have one of those canoes proudly displayed outside their home now.

Edmonds says law enforcement did a great job of helping everyone.

"Them securing the area and taking care of it, they were amazing," she says.

Now they're hoping to get their well back on track. That's had to be cleaned as well.

"That's probably been the biggest job, making sure you get everything bleached down and done properly," says Edmonds.

Edmonds says she still loves living along the water and always will.
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