Things to be aware of during tax season

Things to be aware of during tax season

SYLVESTER, GA (WALB) - It's early in the tax season and Linda Green is already seeing people come in at Liberty Tax Service. Green is making sure that they are aware of the affordable care act.

"And I ask them the question do they already have insurance. Most of them already have insurance," Linda Green said.

Things are looking good for Green's clients. But she still wants people to be aware that if you don't have insurance you will be fined when filling your taxes.

"You should have affordable care act if you don't have any at all they are going to penalize you.," Linda Green said.

The penalties are hundreds of dollars for each person living in your home.

"Per adult who has no insurance it will be $325  and $162.50 per child," Linda Green said.

Green advices everyone to get insured if you don't have health insurance this year because fees will continue to climb each tax year.

The deadline to get insurance without facing a penalty is this Friday.

For more information call 229-338-7577.

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