Newton flood victim returns to dry home

Newton flood victim returns to dry home

NEWTON, GA (WALB) - A Newton flood victim is happy to be home after having to evacuate twice.
Gabe Ornelas is happy to be home after being away from his house for several days.

"I am very excited to be home. I missed home for about two weeks, I am just ready to cook tomorrow," Gabe Ornelas said.

Orneals and his family voluntarily evacuated from there home because of the flood waters rising around it. The entire Old Downtown was shut down. Ornelas could do nothing but wait for the water to recede.

"That's what really had me stressed out and I just started school this week too. So that was on my mind while I was doing my work at school,"  Ornelas said.

When he returned home he was surprised to come home to a dry house. The only blemish is this mud that got on the house due to an on looker who got stuck in the mud.

"When I first walked in I was very scared I was nervous. And as soon as I walked in I saw that you know there was no water on the floors or nothing I was really relieved," Ornelas

There is still much furniture for his family to move back in. Ornelas says he is happy to be back home and thankful for everyone's help.

"The community who all helped us evacuate, we really appreciate y'all. If it wasn't for y'all help we probably wouldn't have everything out," Ornelas said.

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