Powerball Jackpot soars to $1.3 billion

Powerball Jackpot soars to $1.3 billion

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - No winners in last night's Powerball Jackpot which means the stakes are even higher.

In fact the stakes are so high that the Georgia Lottery says that some signs across town can't show that the Jackpot is up to 1 point 3 billion dollars. 
Yesterday the Jackpot was at a record breaking 900 million dollars due to sales.

Some folks out here are still dreaming of what they will do with all that money. 
"I buy myself my own house, buy I buy a new car. I actually would invest a lot of it. Put most of it in an investment," Jonah Anderson said.

The winning numbers will be announced Wednesday night.

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