Road improvements are underway to Dougherty Co. intersection

Road improvements are underway to Dougherty Co. intersection
Nita Birmingham, Feorgia Department of Transportation
Nita Birmingham, Feorgia Department of Transportation

ACREE, GA (WALB) - Major road improvements are underway to a busy and sometimes dangerous intersection in Dougherty County.

A $2.8 million project to improve the intersection of US 82 and County Line Road was approved in October, aimed at reducing the number of crashes in that area.

Crews have already begun clearing the right of way and moving utility lines at the intersection. "Basically the project is aimed at reducing the number of crashes that occur at that intersection and maybe the severity of crashes that occur at the intersection," said Nita Birmingham, Georgia Department of Transportation.

The last traffic study done by the Department Of Transportation in 2008 calculated 19 angle crashes at that intersection between 2006 to 2008. "Now in the vicinity of the intersection, not directly at that intersection there were 36 crashes," said Birmingham.

North and South County Line Roads had 15 crashes during the same time period. "Traffic from North and South County line roads is pulling into the median and waiting to turn but you often have more than one vehicle sitting there in the median," said Birmingham.

Crews plan to install a traffic signal at the intersection. There will also be protected left hand turns for drivers turning off 82 onto North or South County line Roads.

"The other thing that we're going to do, the left turn lanes if you're going East or West on 82 those left turn lanes are off set," said Birmingham.

Those lanes will be fixed, creating better sight distance for drivers. "We're going to change that and we're going to have the turn lanes, they'll be directly across from each other, so that you'll be able to see a little bit clearer," said Birmingham.

Deceleration lanes will also be put in on US 82 for traffic wanting to turn right onto South County line Road. "We hope that will reduce any rear end crashes that may be occurring because people are slowing down in the thru lanes in order to turn right," said Birmingham.

Department of Transportation officials are asking drivers to slow down and be aware of crews working on the improvements in that area. The project is scheduled to be completed at the end of September.

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