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Roads in Bainbridge are clearing up

Jim and Bettie Peak Jim and Bettie Peak
Gene Pfund, spouse of Bainbridge resident Gene Pfund, spouse of Bainbridge resident

Some roads in Bainbridge are starting to clear up from the flooding but there's still  a lot of work to be done. The Flint River is still at flood stage.

Last week Rivervale road was impassable for some homeowners. Now that  water levels are going down, most residents can drive home instead of commuting by canoes and kayaks.

Jim and Bettie Peak say they're thankful they didn't have to evacuate.

"Today is the first day that we've been out of the neighborhood but we had no need too we had plenty of food, plenty of water, electricity was still on," said Jim Peak, Bainbridge resident.

But not every resident was as fortunate. Gene Pfund says there's still much work to be done. Just last week Pfund's girlfriend's house was flooded. He says most of the water is out of the basement, but it won't be until another month and half until everything is back to normal. Their boat is still in the back yard.

"If you noticed we had to get the boat up here we had to start working it backwards because the water's going to recede, so we're going to have to get it back to the river," said Gene Pfund, 

Officials say they still want you to stay off the river because there's still much debris. Emergency Management crews haven't started cleaning up the roads yet because the levels are over 27 feet. Once the water recedes, they'll start clearing the roads. 

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