Chehaw Festival takes you back centuries

Chehaw Festival takes you back centuries
Ben Kirkland
Ben Kirkland

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Folks have time travelled hundreds of years this weekend. Patrons have been here all day for the 24th annual Chehaw Festival, demonstrating activities from the 1700's and early 1800's.

Black powder guns, tomahawk hatchets, and bow and arrows. All are old hunting weapons the frontiersmen are demonstrating at Chehaw Park.
"The event is a pre 1840 event. It's about the American frontier between 1700 and 1840. That's a long time span and it involves a huge amount of area," said Ben Kirkland, Natural Resources Manager.

Some of these folks enjoy the frontier lifestyle as a hobby, for others it turned in to their career. "For me it was something I just liked to do as a hobby and then it turned into a business afterwards. When I'm having a bad day if I go out to my forge and make something, it just makes me feel so much better," said Blacksmith Paul Haber.

Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy food made just like it was in the frontier days and the chance to buy locally made goods.

There are even four tee pees that you can rent out here at Chehaw, and they are sold out for this weekend so you're going to have to wait until next year for your chance.

Most people preferred to be outside of their teepees today, using their hands to make goods just like they would in the old days.

"I love baskets, I'm a basket addict. I can't afford them, so I figured if I wanted them I better make my own," said Basket Weaver Veronica Wiese.

Despite the cool and rainy weather we have had lately, folks here are not worried about the turnout.

"We deal with it like deal with it everywhere else. We go to it, we hope it doesn't rain, but if it doesn't rain we can't do anything about it. Mother Nature has her own little thing," said trading post owner Dave Walker.

The park will be open, rain or shine, the next two days from 9 - 5.

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