People are getting an early start on filing their taxes

People are getting an early start on filing their taxes

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Tax Season is upon us and several people are getting an early start on filing their taxes.

Liberty Tax officials in Albany say the start of the New Year is keeping them busy and that there's a lot of important information you need to know.

People like, Patrick Sanders, are at Liberty Tax to get an early start on filing their taxes.

"I'm just trying to beat the traffic because it's going to be real busy and if you come early you can come on and get it taken care of, get it on out the way," said Patrick Sanders.

"We had to call employees in, people ended up working 12 and 13 hour shifts," said Cheryhl Hill, Liberty Tax Manager.

A promotion at Liberty Tax is keeping their employees busier than ever.

"People are coming in to take advantage of our promotion of the $750 easy tax advance," said Hill. "So, they've been coming in, they've been calling, they've been coming in with self-employment, W-2's."

People are also receiving their W-2's earlier.

"A lot of employers are getting a jump on that because we actually had people coming into our offices as early as Monday with their W-2," said Hill.

Hill says it's important for you to bring your I.D. and Social Security Information.

"Any dependent information that you need and whatever your employment is, whether that is self-employment or W-2 income," said Hill.

She says penalties are increasing with the affordable health care act.

"It went from 1% to 2 %, so you're looking at $325 per adult, $162.50 per child or 2% of their household income."

Another penalty increase is expected for 2016.

"It's $325 for 2015, but for $2016 it's $695 a person," said Hill.

She's encouraging people to meet the Obamacare deadline for 2016.

"For 2016, the deadline to pay is January 31st," said Hill. "We always tell people to do a week ahead of time because the system will sometimes go down and they'll get stuck on those waiting lines if they call the 1-800 number."

The deadline to file your taxes this year is April 18th. The deadline for Liberty Tax's promotion is February 29th.

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