Albany tree surgeon rescued in Camilla

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - A man had to be rescued from a pecan tree he was working to cut down in Camilla.

Officials said James Cross of Albany was trapped in the tree on Short Walker Street after a limb unexpectedly broke off, pinning his leg to it.

His coworkers called 911. After attempting to get Cross out of the tree, and seeing the extent of his injuries, the Camilla Rescue Team called the city's utility division who used their bucket truck to rescue him.

"And Al from the electrical department assisted us with the rescue in bringing assisted us with the rescue in bringing the guy down the tree," said Camilla Fire Chief  Jamie Sullivan. "He did a wonderful job and the compassion he showed this individual was unbelievable."

Authorities on site said Cross sustained a serious leg injury in the accident and also say he appeared to be nearing hypothermia, as he was not wearing winter weather gear and was trapped on the shady side of the street.

Paramedics rushed Cross to the Mitchell County Hospital. We do not at this time know his condition or if he is still in the hospital.

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