Victim who shot intruder speaks out

Victim who shot intruder speaks out

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany woman remains afraid for her life, two weeks after she shot an intruder who broke into her home.

56-year-old Arnetta Heath-Heard says she no longer feels safe at her East Roosevelt Home.

"What I'm concerned with is that why hasn't he been arrested and who else could be endanger other than myself and my friend," said Arnetta Heath-Heard, Victim.

The morning of December 22nd, an intruder entered the back door of Heard's home. Her friend, 65-year-old Franklin Thomas was also staying with her.

"I heard my friend, Mr. Thomas yelling out A.J. get the gun, get the gun he's in here," said Heard.

Heard shot 24-year-old Demetrie Mosley in the leg when he attacked her friend.

"I grabbed my gun and I saw where my friend blood was just pouring from his face so I shot the guy," said Heard.

She tried to shoot him again, but the gun jammed.

"I thank God that it did jam because I wouldn't want to take anyone's life," said Heard. "I don't want to take something that I'm not willing to give."

That night wasn't Heard's first encounter with Mosley. Her son hired him to clean her yard once before. Heard, a former educator, says she loves helping young people but is now reluctant to do so.

"But now because of him I'm afraid to even really reach out to young males," said Heard. "It really just tore me apart."

Heard says that night has scarred her mentally and has left her friend suffering from neck and shoulder problems.

"It's all because we were attacked by this person and this person is still allowed to walk the streets," said Heard.

Mosely is charged with burglary and additional charges are pending. If you think know Mosley's whereabouts, you are asked to call Crimestoppers at 436-TIPS.

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