Editorial: Rams in the Roses

Editorial: Rams in the Roses

Congratulations to Albany State University's Marching band and thanks for helping to bring in the New Year at the 2016 Tournament of Roses Parade!

Since March 2015, the university has been working to raise funds to participate in this premier event!

Not only did they raise the needed funds, they exceeded their goal with remaining funds going to scholarships for ASU students!

Prior to participating in this year's event, Band Director Michael Decuir and the band met the strict criteria for their invite to the international parade, including their excellent and professional musicianship, their strong performance skills, and their outstanding directorship!

You put the spotlight on ASU, the city of Albany, and the state of Georgia with your performance and even marched onto the front page of the Los Angeles Times!  Way to go!

We are proud of you and your performance.  We also hope this was not the last time we'll see the "Rams in the Roses!"

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