Reward offered for sign vandalism

Reward offered for sign vandalism
Lamar Bryant says he is fed up
Lamar Bryant says he is fed up

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A South Georgia tree service company is offering a reward to stop people from vandalizing their signs.

Tuesday morning, owners of the Bryant Tree Service found one of their billboards cut down. The owners say someone is targeting their signs, and they want to stop it. 

Lamar Bryant says he is fed up after seeing his sign on the ground along U.S. 82 in Lee County. He has called in law enforcement and is now offering a reward for information on who is targeting his signs.

"See you can tell it's a chainsaw, instead of a saw.  Rather than a reciprocating saw.  Because of the width of the saw blade when it comes down through the sign here. I just think it's pretty lowdown."

The three posts holding up Bryant's billboard had been sawed off, and then the sign sawed in half. Bryant said "We've had this problem going on just about all summer.  We've had over, including this sign here, probably $3000 worth of damage of signs and signs stolen from us."

Bryant says many of the yard signs he puts up in clients' yards have been stolen, and a banner along the Liberty Expressway was stolen.  Bryant suspects a rival tree service is behind the vandalism and thefts, because his business is growing.

"And they just mad about it I guess.  They decided to steal our signs and just tearing our property up."

Bryant is now offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever cut down his billboard, and up to $100 for information on who has been stealing his yard signs.

A Lee County Sheriff's deputy saw someone near the sign this morning, so the Sheriff's office has a description of a car and person as part of their investigation.  Bryant says he has also filed complaints with Albany Police.

If you have any information about the crimes, call Bryant Tree Service at 869-1976.

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