Man steals wire from hot power lines

Man steals wire from hot power lines
Investigator Mauldin
Investigator Mauldin

ABBEVILLE, GA (WALB) - A Wilcox County man is in custody, charged with stealing copper from power lines, and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

They think he actually threw something over the line and pulled it down so he could cut it.  The damage far outweighs what he got in return for the copper.

"Pulling on it, and that would actually break the line." Wilcox Sheriff's Investigator Steve Mauldin explains how crooks managed to cause almost $15,000 in damage on several power lines in Wilcox County.

Investigators responded to the first call back in September and were surprised with what they found. "Looked like it had been pulled down, broken, and cut at both ends. And the wire was removed," said Mauldin.

Lines were later cut in at least seven places throughout the county. Investigators eventually found the scrap shop buying the copper.

"They sold approximately 250 pounds of copper wire which was estimated to what would be between those seven poles for $1.80 a pound," said Mauldin.
That's only 450 bucks.

Garrett Raymer is the only man in jail, charged with felony theft by taking. Investigators say this crime isn't uncommon and doesn't cause power disruptions for residents, but grabbing the power line instead of the grounding line could be bad for crooks.

"Aw, it'd be fatal if they hit the wrong wire up there. It wouldn't be a matter of who-done-it. we'd know who done it when we got there," said Mauldin.

The Sheriff's Office encourages residents around the county to keep an eye out for this kind of activity, and call them if you see it happening.

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