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Safety First: Flooded house 'Break Out'


If you have been affected by the flood you may want to make sure your home is safe before you enter. There could be damage to the electrical system inside of your home.

Here's some advice:

Try to avoid contact with standing water.
It may be contaminated.
If it is safe, switch off the electricity at the fuse box.
Plan to have other services turned off.
Electricity and gas should not be turned back on until you have had professional advice that it is safe to do so.
Contact your insurance company for advice and to get approval to carry out any repairs.
Take photos of the damage and keep records.
Look for professional advice for the replacement of your property.
Hire qualified professionals to fix any repairs.
Use a registered electrician to assess the condition and damage to electrical wiring, equipment and appliances that have been affected by the flood.

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