Some Decatur residents still need a boat

Some Decatur residents still need a boat
Ken Davidson, Decatur County Deputy
Ken Davidson, Decatur County Deputy

BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) - The flood warning in Decatur County continues, as the Flint River reaches its crest Monday night at more than 30 feet.

Some residents can only get to their homes by boat. According to the National Weather Service, the water level of the Flint River has risen about 30 feet and now some residents can't even get into the driveways of their homes.

"As you can see behind me the road is flooded and completely covered up and the water is approximately anywhere from six to eight feet deep so we can't drive a vehicle through it," said  Ken Davidson, Decatur County deputy.

Officials say they spotted residents who were commuting back and forth using these canoes and kayaks just to get home. Officials say this road has been blocked off so homeowners won't drive through it.

Davidson added, "They're having to park their vehicles on the side of the road to a boat, a canoe or whatever they can where the road rises and gets high enough to that they can get out of the boat and into their vehicles."

The river was supposed to stop right at the dock of one home, but now the water has moved all the way completely in front of the house.

"Where the tree line ends, that's the actual start of the river that back up is our backyard, and we've got a whole walkway that's under a lower deck that's under everything," said Gene Pfund, boyfriend of a Bainbridge resident.

Emergency Management officials expect the river level to start going down Monday night.  They say they are still patrolling homes in low lying areas Riverbend Road slough landing road and the Flint River heights road at the south end of Rivervale have all been blocked off.

If you have any questions about road closures or the latest river levels and forecasts in Bainbridge, you can call the Decatur County Emergency Management Agency.

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