Lake Blackshear awaits Flint crest from Montezuma

Lake Blackshear awaits Flint crest from Montezuma

WARWICK, GA (WALB) - The Crisp County Power Commission says that the Lake Blackshear water level at the dam is 2.2 feet below normal pool, and is just over a foot below normal pool in the area north of the Highway 280 Bridge.

The areas near Campers Haven and the Highway 27 Bridge continue to experience localized flooding and the level there rose overnight as the crest from Sunday at Montezuma passes through the area.

"We handled it we think about as well as we could, based on the information we had at the time. The USGS predictions always change because the USGS doesn't have perfect information either," said Power Commission GM, Steve Rentfrow.

The Flint River level at the Montezuma gauge reached its highest point on Sunday at just over 20 feet and is now declining.  The current level is 18.6 feet.  The crest from Sunday is currently passing through the upper portions of the Lake.

The Commission currently has 2.75 gates closed and will operate to pass inflow until the crest has passed through the lake.  The discharge from the dam has declined from its peak of 27.8 feet to currently 23.5 feet.

Over the next several days, they will gradually close gates as flows decline and the lake will return to normal pool.

Flows through the Lake will remain very high for the next several days.  Residents are urged to use caution around waters which will be flowing swifter than normal.

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