Officials begin closing Lake Blackshear flood gates in Crisp Co.

Officials begin closing Lake Blackshear flood gates in Crisp Co.

LAKE BLACKSHEAR, GA (WALB) - The Crisp County Power Commission started closing flood gates earlier and more quickly than expected this week on Lake Blackshear.

Three out of the 12 gates have been closed because the water appears to have crested in Montezuma. The crest was just about a foot lower than initially projected.

A couple days ago, officials were not expecting to start closing gates until next Monday.

"This is a pleasant surprise the local water has started to go away and the foretasted low at Montezuma has allowed us to start lowering the gate even faster than expected," said plant manager Ronnie Miller.

Although they have started closing gates, the Crisp Co. Power Commission said it will take from a week to ten days before all gates are closed. Officials reported that the levels at the gauge on the Flint River in Montezuma raised to just over 20 feet overnight.

The U.S. Geological Survey has also lowered the forecast crest from 22.3 feet to 21.7 feet. With the projected levels being lowered, the Power Commission began closing flood gates at Blackshear to stabilize the lake level.

Areas of Lake Blackshear are below normal levels with a few exceptions in areas near Campers Haven and the Highway 27 bridge, but those levels are declining. Officials do urge people to use caution around the waters, because they will be flowing swifter than normal.

If you would like more information about the cresting or flood gates, you may visit the Crisp County Power Commission's website here.

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