Crisp Co. Power Commission releases Montezuma update

Crisp Co. Power Commission releases Montezuma update

LAKE BLACKSHEAR, GA (WALB) - Flood levels have been remaining steady for the Flint River at Montezuma. The gage stayed just over 19 feet until Saturday morning, when it increased to 19 and a half feet.

Fortunately, the peak was projected to be lowered overnight to 22.3 feet by Monday morning. The increase in levels should decline as the creek and stream levels recede, but will not all be gone by the time the new peak moves through the lake.

Water levels at Lake Blackshear have continued to decline slowly over the past 24 hours. The current level at the Lake Blackshear Dam is 23 and a half feet.

According to a report, The lake level at the Blackshear Dam receded a little less than 0.3 feet since Friday night. The lake immediately above the Highway 280 Bridge is now below full pool. The area around Campers Haven and the Highway 27 Bridge continues to experience localized flooding.

Officials expect the lake to continue a very slow decline over the next 12 hours as reduced flows from Montezuma pass through the lake. The local inflow caused by the rainfall received will determine how quickly or if the lake declines.

As the increasing flows from the Flint River upstream reach Lake Blackshear, it is predicted to begin rising again. The rate local rainfall exits Blackshear will also affect the rising.

Officials project there will be no significant problems from the new Blackshear peak. Blackshear is predicted to reach the peak level on Wednesday. Of the 13 available gates at the Dam, 12 ½ are open. As the level of Blackshear recedes, the flows being released through the gates will also decline.

Due to the effects of increased inflow from upstream, flows through the lake are predicted to remain very high for up to 10 days. All or most of the floodgates at the dam will remain open during that period to pass the high flows.

Based on the flows, the Commission will make decisions about future gate operations. Getting all the gates closed will be a slow process over the course of days.

Commission staff will continue to monitor the situation and make periodic updates. Residents are urged to use caution around floodwater, which will be flowing swifter than normal.

For further information, you may contact the Crisp Co. Power Commission at 229-273-3811 or visit their website here.

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