Newton flood victim evacuates for second time

Newton flood victim evacuates for second time

Things have been pretty unpredictable in Newton.

This as the National Weather Service has changed its predictions on crest levels multiple times.
Now one family is evacuating tonight for a second time.

Gabe Ornelas lives in this neighborhood but this is as close as we could get without treading through water.

"I was at work and I got off at 9 o'clock and I was told that I had to come home and have our stuff out at 12 am." Gabe Ornelas said.

Ornelas and his mother evacuated from their home on Wednesday night before the deadline. They moved to his Grandmothers home. As you can see her house is not that far away from the flood waters.

"And we was told that we had to evacuate again," Ornelas said.

Ornelas, his mother and grandmother are now evacuating from this home today. And they aren't alone. Six other families have already been evacuated.

"It's devastating that we had to go through this twice in one week, not even 48 hours," Ornelas flood victim

As they wait to make their next move the Ornelas are leaning on family and faith.

"I know there is power in prayer, so we just going to keep praying and praying that everything is going to work out for us," Ornelas said.

The Baker County EMA Director is currently making arrangements to help the Ornelas find a new place to stay.

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