Newton braces for the worst

Newton braces for the worst

Old Downtown in Newton began flooding Wednesday.

And, five homes were evacuated.

The Newton Police Chief finds the flood surreal.

"It's all new to me I am really shocked about it. This is my flood so I don't know it's it's I am still trying to take it all in myself." Newton Police Chief Jesse Rivers said.

About nine streets in old Downtown Newton are either closed are partially closed.

And the water is continuing to rise.

This peanut company has a line of trucks being packed with peanuts as they brace for the flood water to hit this area of town as well. Newton Police are looking closely at what the National Weather Service is predicting.

"Pretty much rely on what the forecast reads you know every day it's been a different number. So it's just a hurry up and wait game. We just you know control the streets the best we can and try and take care of our people." Newton Police Chief Jesse Rivers.

Right now we are expecting the Flint River near Newton to crest at 32.8 feet by Monday. The Police Chief wants people in Newton who are affected by the flood to be patient.

"I stay away from the Old Downtown area until the storm is over and the water subsides and then we'll be back to business as usual," Rivers said.

If you have questions about the flooding in Newton, you can call the Police Chief at 229-364-3435.

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