State's largest fireworks store opens in Ashburn

State's largest fireworks store opens in Ashburn

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - If you're looking for fireworks for new year's celebrations then Ashburn might be the place you need to go. The state's biggest store just opened next to Carroll's Sausage off of Interstate-75.

It is the only unlimited store in the state with more than 80-thousand pounds of inventory. They have everything from the big air-show fireworks to sparklers for the kids.

"We have everything for anybody in your family. We have the big stuff, the small stuff, the fountains, the bottle rockets, the firecrackers. Anything that you could possibly think of, we have here," said Allison Simmons at USA Fireworks.

The store is open all year off exit 82 in Ashburn.

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