Dougherty Co. EMS free of flood-related calls so far

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The flooding of the Flint River has not prompted any calls for the Dougherty County Emergency Medical Services so far.

EMS officials in Albany and Dougherty County say they have not had any calls for medical help or rescue because of flood related issues.

Paramedics caution people that the flood water has many dangerous toxins and bacteria in it, so when people start clean up after the water recedes, everything touched by the water should be cleaned.

"Make sure you have on gloves. Make sure you have on rubber boots. Don't get out there with your feet and you got an open sore, or strict scrubbing stuff thinking there is nothing to it," said Dougherty County EMS Director Greg Rowe. "Because [if] you have an open wound you can really make yourself sick in a quick, quick moment.

Paramedics urge you to make sure your tetanus and other immunizations are up to date if you are going to be around the flood water or clean up efforts.

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