Albany residents keep their eye on the Flint River

Albany residents keep their eye on the Flint River
Frederick Spradley, Resident
Frederick Spradley, Resident
Jerry Williams, Resident
Jerry Williams, Resident

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Some Albany residents are nervously watching the Flint River as it continues to rise, including one family who says they didn't know they needed flood insurance.

Two residents have already evacuated their homes on Swaggort Road and others who live around that area say they may also do the same.

Frederick Spradley moved into his home on McCray Drive in July, unaware that it's in a flood zone.

"This our first time being in a flood area and we didn't know it was flooded and I'm concerned because we don't have flood insurance," said Frederick Spradley, Resident.

Spradley's son says he's worried about his older neighbors.

"Somebody's going to have to go in there and get them out," said Antwan Fluellen, Resident.

His mom has other concerns.

"If he's getting up going back to school on the 7th will the rain be cleared up or will the river be gone down," said Terry Spradley, Resident.

City officials went door to door providing residents in South Albany with the latest flood information. Spradley told them he's concerned about the effectiveness of this pump station behind his home.

"He said they got some new equipment that will keep the water coming from going up town back into the river," said Frederick Spradley.

Swaggort Road resident, Jerry Williams is also concerned that more water is coming his way.

"Not to stop that water from coming up the canal and cutting it off right there on Joshua and making it come back around to Swaggort, Southwood," said Jerry Williams.

Williams' neighbor evacuated her home Wednesday, and city officials say the Red Cross is assisting her. Williams says he might have to leave too.

"I'm about to do the same," said Williams. "They had to evacuate so when they leave we have to leave too. Because they are lower than we are. So when it gets up to this level here. It's going to get to MLK."

Frederick Spradley says his family plans to get flood insurance.

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