Cleanup continues for Lee County flood victims

Cleanup continues for Lee County flood victims
Matt Nowicki, Flood Victim
Matt Nowicki, Flood Victim

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - The Kinchafoonee Creek is down to flood stage of 13-feet Tuesday night, but it's expected to start rising again overnight and reach 15.7 feet Friday.
Cleanup is now underway for some flood victims.

Several residents along Kinchafoonee Creek Rd and Creekside Drive pulled out their cleaning supplies in an effort to get their homes back to normal.

With his boots and gloves, Matt Nowicki shovels away the dirt at his Kinchafoonee Creek Road home as a result of Friday's flood.

"There's a lot of clean up to do," said Matt Nowicki, Flood Victim.

Nowicki was in California with his family when his home flooded.

"I think on Friday we were called and told that it was a chance that the creek was going to flood," said Nowicki.

The next day, Nowicki's church members and others came to get his belongings out of his garage.

"Between Sherwood, our neighbors and Space Walk they packed up our entire garage and moved it over to their coke plant," said Nowicki. "That's where everything is stored right now."

Nowicki was able to assess the damage to his home when he returned.

"It was flooded up to the house," said Nowicki. "It was probably about six inches on the house when I got home."

His fence is torn down in a number of areas and a foot and a half of water was inside his garage. He also had minor damage to his carpet.

"My kennel back here had about a foot and a half of water," said Nowicki. "You can see the water line along the fence it's about a foot all the way up to the house."

Nowicki says the damage to his home doesn't compare to his neighbors.

"I'm one of the lucky ones," said Nowicki. "My neighbors really got it bad at their place. They were out helping everyone as it was actually flooding their house."

Nowicki says he plans to return the favor and help other flood victims with their cleanup.

He says his family will be back from California on Wednesday to help him with the cleanup.

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