Damage, road erosion left as flood problems continue

Damage, road erosion left as flood problems continue
There was quite a problem when the creek washed over its banks in 2015 (Source: WALB)

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Officials say Lee County is still at risk for more flooding problems as people work to clean up after the Christmas flood.

The areas hardest hit are the neighborhoods running along the Kinchafonee Creek, and while residents there are trying to clean up, county workers are still concerned the creek will rise again, and they are asking citizens to be patient.

Residents are driving with care along part of the 700 block of Creekside Drive, still underwater five days after the flood.

"There is talk of rain again and we are really not sure where this creek is going yet," said Mike Sistrunck. [We] don't want to take chances and no sense in doing the work twice."

Part of Kinchafoonee Creek Road will have to be repaired, as the flood water undermined the road under the asphalt top layer.

And the intersection of Knollwood and Creekside is completely underwater.

And so is Uncle Jimmy's Lane, a dirt road nearby.

"School starts next week and it's important that the dirt roads are safe for them. We had several roads up north that got washed out real bad," Sistrunck said.

Meanwhile, county officials are asking residents to be patient with them as they access the road damage, and make what repairs they can now.

"As long as the water is over these roads, we are going to keep somebody on site to keep the riff-raff down and to keep people from entering where they don't need to be entering now," said Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals.

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