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Accused husband killer Embert back in court

Judge Willie Lockette Judge Willie Lockette
Susan Embert Susan Embert
Mark Brimberry Mark Brimberry
District Attorney Edwards District Attorney Edwards
Lee Wilson Lee Wilson

A Dougherty County woman charged with murdering her husband in 2014 and staging it to look like suicide, was back in court today.

Susan Embert is free on bond but under house arrest. She asked to be allowed to get a job and go to church.  Prosecutors oppose that request.

In court Tuesday, prosecutors said Susan Embert has been posting items on social media that concern them.  All parties agreed the best thing is to try the case before a jury as soon as possible.

Embert stood briefly in the courtroom as her lawyer Mark Brimberry asked that she be allowed to go to church, and get a job.  Brimberry said "A bond is in place. She is on total lockdown right now. And our position is being employed and going to church does not interfere with anything."

Also in court, almost a dozen family members of Jake Embert. He died June 28th, 2014 from a bullet wound to the head in his home. At first his death was ruled a suicide. But in February his wife Susan was indicted for his murder.  Prosecutors say they found traces of insecticide, antifreeze, and arsenic in his hair fibers. After being turned down for bond several times, Susan was allowed to stay with family members on electronic monitor. 

Prosecutors opposed today's bond change, saying Embert has been posting "concerning" items on social media under an assumed name.

District Attorney Greg Edwards said "There are different ways to influence the general population, or specific witnesses, including now using the digital format.  So that's part of the whole process in evaluating the restrictions that should be placed on a person on bond."

Judge Willie Lockette granted Embert's request to attend church, but said he wanted more information before making a decision on allowing her to work.  All sides agreed to schedule the trial as soon as possible.

Jake Embert's daughter Rachel Embert said "I'm thankful, hopefully we can get this trial over. And bring justice for my dad."

Judge Lockette said he would make a decision on Embert's employment request when he got more information. No trial date was set, but Judge Lockette said they would specially schedule it as soon as possible, possibly in March.

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