Dooly County RV Park is flooded

Dooly County RV Park is flooded

VIENNA, GA (WALB) - Flooding caused a couple to be trapped at a Dooly County R.V. Park.

Jill and Walter Barlow's home on Pat's Camp Road was surrounded by water, but they did make it out Monday evening and are staying with their daughter.
Their children were busy getting their belongings from their home by boat.

"They went back this morning to try to get what they could out of the house and inside they're using John Boats to get from the house to dry land to load it on a trailer," said Walter Barlow, Flood victim.

"We were seeing gators yesterday and snakes and the septic tanks are floating up," said Jill Barlow, Flood victim.

The Barlows say Dooly County Sheriff's deputies are monitoring entrances to the campground.

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