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Upstream water raises Lake Worth

Fred Hawkins Fred Hawkins

Docks along Lake Worth just north of the Georgia Power Dam in Albany are underwater.

At least one boat is stuck in its boathouse on Riverpoint Road, trapped by massive amounts of plant debris. All the debris coming down the river from Lake Blackshear collected and blocked the boat in.

The owner is critical of why all of the gates at Lake Blackshear are open. "They don't care about us as long as the houses around Lake Blackshear are fine they are doing great.  And that is why they are letting the water down.  I think projecting more water coming from the rain, but I can't see that much rain happening for Lake Blackshear to flood in the next few days," said Fred Hawkins.

The level of Lake Blackshear dropped about four feet, but is rising now.

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