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NWS: Flint River at 29 feet, slowly rising


The Flint River was at 29.32 feet and slowly rising as of 12:45 p.m., the National Weather Service reported Monday.

The updated report comes as the river is expected to reach 30.7 feet Tuesday night, barely avoiding what the National Weather Service calls "moderate" flooding.

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  • 47.5    Western approach to Broad Avenue bridge begins to flood.
  • 44.6    Approaches to Liberty Expressway bridge begin to flood.
  • 44.5    Eastern approach to Broad Avenue bridge begins to flood.
  • 44    Water is at the top of the Atlantic Coast Line railroad bridge.
  • 42    Major flooding begins. Water is at the top of the Georgia Northern Railroad and reach the gauge site.
  • 39    Flood water will reach the floor of the sewage plant and nearby houses. Radium Springs Road begins to flood.
  • 37    Ragsdale area will be inundated with flood waters. Above this level, Albany College and houses along Hazard Drive will begin to flood.
  • 36.7    Approaches to East Oglethorpe bridge begins to flood.
  • 31    Moderate flooding begins. Highland Avenue and some cottages at Lovers Lane Road at Lake Chehaw will see some flooding.
  • 30.9    Approaches to Oakridge Drive bridge begin to flood.
  • 29    Flooding will begin in the lowest elevations along Third Avenue, Highland Avenue, and Front Street.
  • 26    Minor flooding begins.

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