Residents see flood damage on Northampton in Lee Co.

Residents see flood damage on Northampton in Lee Co.
More than 80 homes have been damaged in Lee County due to flooding.
Harry Lawson
Harry Lawson

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - There were rising waters in the 700 block of Northampton by the Muckalee Creek Monday.

The water has since been receding, but based on water marks on the cement block pilings, the water depth was approximately five feet in the home.

No other homes along Northampton appear to have flood damage.

This section of Northampton, which runs off of Forrester Parkway, is no stranger to flooding. In 1994, four homes along this short stretch were destroyed by what one neighbor remembers as "the wall of water".

Harry Lawson said "We went to bed it hadn't even gotten up over the bank and when we got up the next morning it was at the fence line."

Emergency Management Director James Howell said, "Hopefully next time we will have better warnings and issues on the Muckalee Creek."

The gauge for the Muckalee Creek is located north of this area that flooded, and for good reason.     "That's why the gauges are set farther north so we buy advance warning time.  Did it work for us? Not as well as it should," Howell said.

Certainly not for these homeowners, who clearly have sustained serious flood damage along an area of the Muckalee that is normally shallow. "When the water is really down, you can't hardly get a boat up here," said   Harry Lawson.

"We are going to reassess those and that creek gauge so we can do better warnings and prep on that creek there,"   Howell said.

Neighbors said they don't know why the county allowed some homes in the area to be built at such a low point.

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