Stranded flood victims get rescued in Lee County

Stranded flood victims get rescued in Lee County

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Many folks decided to stay in their homes last night and woke up rising flood waters.
Last night it got up to about 21 feet.Today some people wanted to be rescued while others still wanted to stick it out.

Matthew Beal's family had to await rescuers, going in to get him and a friend who were in a home on Creekside Drive. 
Megan Warmack Beal's sister had to calm him down on the phone, while his mother Lisa Schexnayder waits nervously.

Today Lee County emergency workers came in in this heavy duty five ton truck.

They went back and forth asking people if they need help.

Some folks said they wanted to wait a little while longer.

Others but rescuers did help several other stranded people.

Workers went in to the waters with a rope secured around their waiste making sure that they didn't get swept away.

Today the two fire men, paramedic and one Public works employee rescued many like Beal and his friend.

Beal is happy to be alive.

"I was blessed he was looking down on me,"Matthew Beal said.

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