Lovers Ln. residents prepare to evacuate

Lovers Ln. residents prepare to evacuate
Gary Willis, Lovers Ln. Resident
Gary Willis, Lovers Ln. Resident
Jesse Way, Lovers Ln. Resident
Jesse Way, Lovers Ln. Resident

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - The Albany Fire Department is urging residents on Lovers Lane road to be prepared to evacuate.

Water from the Kinchafoonee and Muckalee Creeks rose more quickly Friday night than emergency officials were expecting.

Gary Willis lives off of Lovers Lane Rd. and says he was surprised when he saw how much water was in his yard.

"This morning we walked outside and saw where the water was coming up over the docks," says Willis.

Another resident, Jesse Way, says he noticed how quickly the water was rising after he put out his own marker.

"I put that flag out at 8 o'clock this morning. Now the waters 12 feet past it," explains Way.

The Albany Fire Department went door to door December 26th to evaluate flood levels and warn residents to prepare to leave.

Many residents are packing valuable items, and some are already leaving their homes just in case.

"We're just moving everything out from under the sheds, taking the pontoon boats and putting them out in the water so they won't get up on the banks," Willis explains.

Even with the threat of evacuations residents say it could be much worse.

"Nobody wants to be displaced but there's other things worse than this," says Willis.

Fire officials are telling residents to prepare for an event like the flood of 1998 or worse.

So far residents on Lovers Lane Rd. have not been told to evacuate.

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