Police see increase in drug sales during Christmas season

Police see increase in drug sales during Christmas season

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Christmas holidays don't only bring good will and cheer to South Georgia. Drug agents say it's also a time when they often see an increase in drug sales.

Drug agents in both Dougherty County and Lee County said it's a traditional part of the Christmas and New Year holiday period. Crime increases, including an increase in the amount of drug trafficking and sales.

"You will see an increase over the holidays. Little bit more," said Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals. "But you are still going to see the increase over the non-seasonal days, too."

Dougherty County drug agents said they see the same increase in sales and trafficking.

"It does make a difference," said Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Commander Major Prurince Dice. "We have seen the market go up and the dopers are out there."

Drug agents said marijuana and prescription pills are popular to buy in the holidays, so distributors are bringing more to South Georgia and the number of sales go up. The number of burglaries and entering autos for quick cash also increase in the holidays.

Drug agents also said that people trying to come up with money to buy narcotics pushes a lot of the property crime increase this time of year.

"It does," said Dice. "Especially around Christmas time. Everybody is trying to make money to buy gifts."

Drug agents remind that those money making efforts are illegal. Law enforcement is staying very busy as well this holiday period, trying to stop that increase in crime revolving around drug sales.

South Georgians are urged to lock up their prescription pills and medicines to keep them safe from theft.

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