Leesburg woman receives Christmas gifts for grand-kids

Leesburg woman receives Christmas gifts for grand-kids

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - Lee County Firefighters and Leesburg police have an excess amount of toys from the toy drive that they had to serve foster children in the community this Christmas.

"Oh it's a great feeling actually to be able to take the reserve toys that were left over and distribute those to kids who otherwise would not have a Christmas," Assistant Fire Chief Jim Weaver said.

Christmas Eve they headed out to deliver food and toys to those in need like Annie Cayde, who just lost her home in a fire and barely has any money.

"So I had to pay bills and everything. So I had no money to get them nothing,"  Annie Cayde said.

She even got a TV, something that was unexpected and left her nearly speechless.

Just like how she didn't expect much to buy for her two grandkids this year and she can't wait to see their faces light up Christmas day.

"I'm going to feel real excited. I am going to feel great, great, great," Cayde said.

But now she doesn't have to worry and for that she is thankful.

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