Officials investigating incident at Tift Regional Medical Center

Officials investigating incident at Tift Regional Medical Center
Investigators in Tifton are looking through surveillance video to see if they can identify the person who put some type of small explosive device in a person's windshield at Tift Regional Medical Center.
Early this morning a Tift Regional employee walked out to find his car damaged.

The windshield cracked and shattered.

"The damage appeared to be something related to fire or heat," says Lt. Lee Dunston, with the Tifton Police Department.

And that's when the Tifton police called in investigators with the ATF to investigate.

They came down from Columbus to take a look at the damaged car.

"They placed it between the wiper blades. Once they lit the device it shattered or cracked the windshield and caused some minor damage," says Chris Efaw, Vice President of Outreach and Development.

While nobody saw anything some workers reported hearing a loud noise.

"Some have said they did hear a loud noise last night but nobody was able to see anyone come and go out of the parking lot," says Efaw.

They think it's some type of small explosive device like a firecracker.

 And while it seems to be a prank, hospital officials say these days hospital officials say you can't take any chances.

"In this day and age the ATF doesn't like to take any chances so they did come out and do an investigation but it does at first glance appear to be a minor prank of some sort," he says.

Part of the parking lot was shut down while investigators were on scene. No one was injured.

Tifton Police are reviewing surveillance to see if they can find out who the prankster is.

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