Leesburg woman helps those grieving during the holidays through video

Leesburg woman helps those grieving during the holidays through video

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) - A Leesburg woman shares an inspirational message to help others deal with grief during the holidays.

Inspirational writer and blogger Bridget Mack wants to help those struggling with grief and depression this time of year.

"The first year in all honesty is the hardest year," said Bridgett Mack, BMACKWRITES.

Bridgett Mack, whose pen name is BMACKWRITES, is using the internet to help others this holiday season.

"This year I just wanted to send out a word of encouragement for people who I know that are going through the grieving process," said Mack. "I've been there."

Mack's sister passed away four years ago.

"The past four years has been a challenge, but it has been one that we've been able to overcome through God," said Mack. "I finally came to the acceptance of the fact that she was in heaven and that we needed to just move forward that's when things started getting better. So it's all about going from mourning to remembering."

Her latest video blog on her website is titled "Dealing with Grief during the holidays."

"I've talked with a lot of people who said that they really weren't looking forward to Christmas because they were going to have to try to figure out how they were going to deal with this season without their loved one being there," said Mack.

She says it can be hard for someone to enjoy their first holiday without a loved one.

"This being their first Christmas without their loved one, I wanted to let them know that it was ok," said Mack.

She says a great love and support system is important.

"God still has you here, you know he's blessed you with wonderful memories with your loved one and it's ok to move forward," said Mack.

Mack says responses to her videos have been positive.

"For the most part they just needed to know that someone understood where they were coming from and that they were not alone and that's what I wanted people to understand, you're not alone," said Mack.

You can find a link to Bridgett Mack's video by clicking here.

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