Warm weather is approaching for the holidays

Warm weather is approaching for the holidays

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - If you're depending on the weather to get you into the Christmas spirit this week you may be a Scrooge this Christmas.
We're expecting more rain and record warm temperatures.

Tank tops, shorts, and flip flops are not what you typically see during this time of the year, but 8-year-old Makenzie Smith says the warm weather isn't affecting her Christmas spirit.

"I'm excited for Christmas because I like when Santa gives us presents and I want everybody to be happy during Christmas," said Makenzie Smith.

The wet and warm weather is leaving others under the weather.

"Everybody is sick including myself," said Timothy Kim, Shopper. "It's not feeling a whole lot like Christmas because of the weather it's been off and on."

"Right now we have a lot of employees that are out because they're carrying the germs back to their children and then they're home with their children that they have to nurse back to health," said Shanan Heppard, Shopper. "So it's really serious right about now."

WALB's Chief Meterologist Yolanda Amadeo says the temperature on Christmas day could reach into the low 80's, possibly setting a record. A record that wouldn't sit very well with James Walker.

"It's a little too warm for this time of the year," said James Walker, Shopper. "It would be nice if it was about 20 degrees cooler, but that's South Georgia for you."

The warm weather also isn't keeping customers from buying Fall and Winter clothes at Knight's Apparel and Gifts in Leesburg.

"Over the last two months we have still been selling Fall merchandise," said John Williams, Knight's Apparel and Gifts Manager. "We've had some cooler spurts and there's no question that jackets go quicker at that time of the year."

Pullovers, vests, and scarves have been selling well.

"They know it's going to be 79 degrees Christmas Day so I've had a few ladies come in to look for a lighter garment for their Christmas Dinner but we're still selling Fall goods," said Williams.

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