Father of four loses everything in 4th Ave. house fire

Father of four loses everything in 4th Ave. house fire
An Albany family is displaced after a fire erupts through their East Albany home over the weekend.
With Christmas just a week away the father of four says this comes at a terrible time for the family.

Jimmy Floyd is going through what's left of his home, which is not much.

Floyd and his fiance lived in this home with their two girls and two boys, plus their nephew.

He says he was at work when the fire broke out, and he came home as soon as he got the news.

"I turned on Carroll Street and saw nothing but black clouds, black smoke. I turned on Carroll Street off Clark Avenue, and that's when my heart fell and I knew it was worse than the way they was saying," says Jimmy Floyd.

He's doing his best to stay strong, but that's proving difficult.

"I've really never been in this situation before, and it’s eating me up at this very moment," he Floyd.

And they have a temporary place to stay for tonight, but at this point doesn't know what the future holds for his family.

"I look back at this very moment and I see my kids and we have nowhere to go at the moment," he says.

They're staying at a hotel tonight, but don't know what's next.

"I'm still trying to hold on, I'm still trying to maintain because I know there is a God," Floyd says.

He says at this point he's just thankful everyone got out of the house okay.

"That's a blessing and I thank God for that," says Floyd.

Even in his greatest time of need, Floyd says if he could ask for anything, it would be prayers.

Investigators at this point are still not sure what caused the fire.

Jimmy Floyd can be reached at 229-343-8698. His sister Delores Payton can be reached at 229- 347-2288.

Right now they are staying in the Luxury Inn for now.

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