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A family in need gets a Christmas surprise from police officers

Wanda Sykes Wanda Sykes
Officer Elisa Carter Thoimasville Police Officer Officer Elisa Carter Thoimasville Police Officer

Every year Thomasville Police Officers give $100 to children in need. They go shopping with them and buy Christmas presents. Last night they met nine-year-old Midasia Jones. She asked the officer if she could spend her Christmas money to buy groceries instead of a toy.

"We were discussing what she wanted, what kind of Christmas gifts she wanted and it was surprising to me because she wanted to buy food she wanted to buy food for her family," said Officer Elisa Carter.

Officers convinced Midasia to buy something for herself and she went home with a brand new bicycle.The giving didn't stop there. Officer Carter told the Police Chief Midasia's heart breaking story.They chose to give Midasia's family a special surprise.

Midasia's mother Wanda Bryant says she's thankful the officers could give her family what she couldn't afford this year.

"I thank them for all they've done the girls wanted bicycles they got bicycles they got them clothes and stuff and just for them thinking of us like that going all out for us getting them the Christmas tree and the groceries and stuff just being generous," said Wanda Bryant.

And where was little Midasia during the surprise? She was at school and had no idea officers surprised her family with food and a Christmas tree.
we asked her mother what do you think her first reaction will be when she see's it?

Sykes added, "She's gonna be excited jumping up and down, because they wanted a Christmas tree."

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