New Details: Sex traffickers appear in court

New Details: Sex traffickers appear in court
Albany Federal Court (Source: WALB)
Francy Hakes (Via Facetime)
Francy Hakes (Via Facetime)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Nine of the 29 people charged in the sex trafficking ring went before an Albany federal judge this week. We've learned the female victim was lured by a boyfriend into what became an eight-state sex trafficking ring with operations in Moultrie.

Turns out the youngest female victim involved in the Moultrie based brothel where 15 Mexican born women were forced into sexual slavery across eight states was lured into the scheme at 12 years old, by a man nicknamed "Chemo."

Francy Hakes is a leading authority in the world on child exploitation issues, and says pimps are master manipulators. "Often times in the beginning believe it or not they believe it is voluntary because their pimp has convinced them they need help and if they love the pimp they will do it."

"Chemo" told the young girl he loved her, and at 12 years old, she ran away from her Atlanta home with him, and into a life of imprisonment by the very man who told her he loved her.

 "Often times these children are runaways, throwaways, people who have been victimized previously or trouble with the system or home and they are very vulnerable and the pimps know that," Hakes said.

According to court documents, the victims were moved often.  The youngest was moved every week, including to Warner Robins. "Partly to make more money and get fresh Johns, and partly to evade law enforcement detection not staying in the same place for very long."

According to documents the youngest victims engaged in paid sexual acts 30 times a day, and 70 times on a weekend. Her pimps referred to her clients as "tickets", and would ask over cell phone communications how many "tickets" the young girl had "sold."

 "She is what they call valuable because of her age group, and they forced her to engage in sexual abuse multiple times a day every day, every week, every year."

Court documents show that the young girl was still involved in the ring when they closed down the operation in October.

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